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AFM Member Says Union Plus Credit Card is Regular Gig

Longtime AFM member, Daniel Cerveny, loves working as a keyboardist. He also loves working for his local union as its Secretary Treasurer and promoting the benefits of AFM membership. One of his favorite selling points is the Union Plus Credit Card, which he uses regularly, and which offers special benefits for union members.

AFM Member Says Union Plus Credit Card is Regular Gig

Dan Cerveny, a keyboardist, joined the American Federation of Musicians (AFM) just in time to learn firsthand how the union helps its members. Early in his career, he found himself with a chance to join up with a polka band in Pennsylvania.

"The only way I could play was if I joined the union," he recalls. "The proprietor who hired us ended up stiffing the entire band, and our union got us paid."

Today, Cerveny is the Secretary Treasurer of AFM Local 70-558 in Omaha, Nebraska.

"It’s been a fantastic 20 years," says Cerveny. "I so believe in this union and what it can do for musicians."

Cerveny is also a big proponent of the Union Plus Credit Card1. He’s been carrying it since the late 1990s, loves the 1.5% cash back rewards he gets with every purchase.

"You name it, and I use the Union Plus Credit Card to pay for it and then I pay it off each month," he says. "I also use it to spoil my six grandkids.'"

The Union Plus Credit Card program is available to dues-paying labor union members of participating unions and retired union members, as well as eligible family members.

"The Union Plus service is incredibly efficient and attentive," notes Cerveny. "They help me sort through my account to resolve any issues." 

Cerveny uses Union Plus programs and the Union Plus Credit Card heavily in his recruiting efforts for AFM.

"The more they access Union Plus benefits, the more they can save in daily life while having a better life," he says. "Isn’t that what a union is all about?"

The Union Plus Credit Card program offers several card choices. Find the union credit card that is right for you at theunioncard.com.

Union Plus Credit Card

Get Cash Back with Every Purchase using the Union Plus Credit Card


1Credit approval required. Terms and conditions apply. Union Plus credit cards are issued by Capital One, N.A. pursuant to a license by Mastercard International Incorporated.