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NALC member finances dream home with Union Plus

Eric Gunderson, an NALC member in Maine, relocated his family and their menagerie of pets from Montana a few years ago. The hardest part was finding and financing their perfect home. Gunderson landed on a fixer-upper, which he's still happily working on.

NALC member finances dream home with Union Plus

Today, Eric Gunderson has his dream house, but it started out as a bit of a disaster.

Six years ago, Gunderson, a National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC) member, and his family decided to leave Montana to try life on the East Coast.

Gunderson, along with his wife, their six kids, two miniature ponies, five Barbados sheep, five peacocks, two cats and a dog got transferred to Maine. But the house they planned to rent was in disrepair and was unsuitable for his family and their menagerie of animals.

Gunderson finally found a house he wanted to buy. Unfortunately, it was in foreclosure and needed a ton of work. No banks wanted to loan him the money until after that work was done.

"It was a three-story house with a full basement," Gunderson says. "But it had no kitchen, no plumbing for a kitchen, and the electrical was overloaded."

Gunderson cobbled together the financing he needed to buy and fix up the house through a credit card and two loans with two home improvement companies.

Eventually, he turned to Union Plus to wrap the various financing sources into one loan.

“It was time to put it all together and go to Wells Fargo to finance it all.”

With financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, the Union Plus Mortgage Program helps union members, their parents and their children purchase or refinance their homes while also offering exclusive union member benefits.

Gunderson is still working on his house, which requires regular maintenance, but he says he's glad he bought the place.

"It's looking great," he notes.

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