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NNU Member Gets Peace of Mind with Union Plus Mortgage

After a bad experience with a damage claim to her home, NNU member refinanced with the Union Plus Mortgage Program and regained peace of mind. 

NNU Member Gets Peace of Mind with Union Plus Mortgage

Aurora Dagudag wanted to have a more personal relationship with her mortgage company. Several years ago, she had to file an insurance claim for some hail damage. The mortgage company was out of state, their customer service was lacking, and she had to mail all the paperwork instead of dealing with someone face-to-face.

“It was such a hassle,” remembers Dagudag, a nurse in Minneapolis and a member of National Nurses United (NNU).

Dagudag wanted to refinance with a local mortgage company or at least one with a physical office she could go to. Her friends told her to try Wells Fargo.

“They said it’s good to have your mortgage local, so you can go to a real person instead of having to call them on the phone,” Dagudag says.

It wasn’t until she reached out to Wells Fargo that she found out about the Union Plus Mortgage Program. With financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, the Union Plus Mortgage Program helps union members, their parents and children purchase or refinance their homes while also offering exclusive union member benefits.  

“I didn’t know about it until he said something,” Dagudag says of the Wells Fargo mortgage consultant. “He said because I was in a union, they had perks for being union members.”

She adds, “I had to fill out a form and get a signature from our union leader. “It was just one form – that was it. It was easy to verify my union membership.”

Dagudag also likes the security behind the Union Plus Mortgage Program, which includes access to the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program. This program provides interest-free loans and grants to eligible union members to help them make their mortgage payments in the event they become disabled, unemployed, locked out, or go on strike1.

“All of a sudden, our union is having a contract negotiation and we’re planning to strike. I remembered what the mortgage consultant said about Union Plus in times of strike,” Dagudag says. “I hadn’t expected to go on strike. I was just reading about how Union Plus can help me. The strike might happen next month. And any money helps.”

Luckily for Dagudag, Union Plus has already helped her out in a different way. Recently Dagudag received a postcard from Union Plus, inviting her to enter a sweepstakes for Mortgage program participants.

Dagudag usually signs up for raffles and sweepstakes and considers herself lucky. After all, she once won a vacation to the Bahamas. So, she entered the sweepstakes and got a call from Union Plus letting her know she had won $1,000.

“I couldn’t believe it, but then I remembered applying and I thought, ‘OK, I think it’s legit,” Dagudag says. “My husband said, “You’re always lucky”.

Visit unionplus.org/mortgage to learn more about the benefits of a Union Plus mortgage.

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