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Teamster Credit Cardholder Turns to Union Plus Job Loss Grant

“I’m a driver, and I was injured on the job,” begins Glen Kozubal, an International Brotherhood of Teamsters Local 89 member from the Louisville, Kentucky metro area. 

Kozubal was a pick-up and delivery driver until his workplace injury made it impossible to work. When his worker’s compensation claim was delayed, he initiated grievance proceedings with the help of his local union. 

Kozubal has been without a job for nearly a year, but he realized he could turn to Union Plus in the meantime. As a Teamster Privilege Credit Cardholder1, he knew that he could apply for the Union Plus Job Loss Grant2

“I’ve always liked my Teamster Privilege Credit Card, and for this—applying, hearing back, getting the money—it was all a smooth process,” recalls Kozubal. “It makes standing up to the type of situation I’m in a whole lot easier.” 

The Union Plus Job Loss Grant is available to eligible union members who have carried either the Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card for at least three months. It provides them with $300 to help cover bills and living expenses.

“Union Plus is a great organization,” Kozubal says. “This Job Loss Grant opportunity really gave me a way to pay some immediate bills and stay afloat through this incredibly long and stressful process.” 

Kozubal said he’s let his fellow union members know about Union Plus at every opportunity, and he believes every local should promote Union Plus programs. 

“Union Plus really helps members in their daily lives,” says Kozubal. “Nowhere is that truer than the Job Loss Grant.”

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