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Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program gives UAW members peace of mind

Paul and Sara Ramirez endured one of the most challenging periods of their careers together. Both are United Auto Workers (UAW) members and are general laborers at the same General Motors plant. Last fall, they went on strike for nearly six weeks with their UAW brothers and sisters. 

Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program gives UAW members peace of mind

"We lost two incomes right off the bat," Mr. Ramirez recalls.

Faced with new financial challenges, the Ramirezes were grateful that they had chosen to finance their new home through the Union Plus Mortgage Program a few years before, since their mortgage came with a payment assistance program called Mortgage Assistance.

"I hadn't given [the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program] a second thought until the strike" Mr. Ramirez says.

The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program provides interest-free loans and grants to help union members make mortgage payments when they’re disabled, unemployed, furloughed, locked out or on strike. Eligible members must have had a Union Plus mortgage for at least a year.

Mortgage Assistance paid the Ramirezes’ mortgage for one (1) month. They also received a one-time $1,000 grant to off-set other expenses.

"With Christmas coming up, it  made life a lot easier" Mr. Ramirez notes. “It also helped us catch up on other bills from companies that didn’t help us at all."

Ms. Ramirez and Mr. Ramirez made sure their fellow union members knew where to check for benefits.

"We were very outspoken about Union Plus helping us out," they emphasize.

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