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2013 Labor Night at the Nats hits record ticket sales

Posted on August 1, 2013
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2013 labor night at the nats

Union Plus got so excited about union pride this summer that we sponsored the 7th Annual Labor Night at the Washington Nationals on Friday, July 19, 2013. Today, we are thrilled to report that this year's Labor Night saw the most ticket sales EVER.

Thanks to the 6,400 union members who purchased tickets, more than $16,000 was raised for the AFL-CIO's Community Services Agency's Emergency Assistance Fund -- including $6,400 from ticket sales and a $10,000 direct donation from Union Plus -- for union members in need.

The Emergency Assistance Fund assists 350 families with emergency financial needs, such as prevention of utility cut-offs and evictions, needed prescriptions, transportation so members can keep working, food, child care and other needs.

If you were at the game, you probably saw signs about the Union Plus Credit Card designed for union members and their families.


But if you missed it, don't worry…it's Labor night every night at the ballpark! Next time you attend a game, make sure to honor all your union brothers and sisters who make "play ball" happen.

Here are the unions represented at the Nationals Stadium in Washington, DC:


  • UNITE HERE Local 23 members proudly serve you your beer and hot dogs.
  • UFCW members make the Hebrew National hot dogs and the mustard or ketchup you slather on it.
  • BCTGM members make many of the buns for your hot dogs, snacks like potato chips and other products that keep your hunger at bay during the game â€" including the Baby Ruth's!
  • UAW members brew Home Run Ale, Leinenkugel's, Miller and Miller Lite beer that are sold at the park at an unreasonable price. For a list of union-made beer text BEER to 22555.
  • USW members make the Louisville Slugger bats players like Bryce Harper, the son of Ironworker Ron Harper, use to hit home runs.
  • Ironworkers members erected the more than 7,800 tons of structural steel that form of the stadium â€" along with many other construction trades unions helped to build Nationals Park.
  • AFT members coached many of today's stars when they played high school ball.
  • SEIU members make the uniforms the players wear for all 30 MLB teams. ATU members get fans to the stadium by Metro rail and bus.
  • SAG-AFTRA members broadcast the game on the radio. Make sure to listen for the ads touting the new and improved Union Plus Credit Card running during the Nats current 10-game home stand on WJFK 106.7 FM.
  • TNG/CWA members cover the game and provide the pictures and stories you read in the Washington Post.
  • IAFF members are at the ready as first responders in case a player gets injured.
  • MLBPA represents the players.
  • World Umpires Association represents the umpires. Don't forget that union members can save on everything from movie tickets, theme park tickets, sporting events and museums with Union Plus! Click here to learn more.

Leslie Tolf, President of Union Privilege, is pictured (left to right) above handing check to  Joslyn Williams (President of Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO), Kathleen McKirchey (Executive Director of the Community Services Agency, Metro Washington Council, AFL-CIO), and Dan Duncan (President of NOVA Labor Federation).


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