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AFL-CIO exposes soaring CEO salaries with interactive world map

Posted on April 25, 2013
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Ceo pay

On April 15 -- Tax Day, the AFL-CIO launched their new PayWatch website. The information on the website points out the growing imbalance between the top 1% and the rest of us by comparing CEO salaries with the thinning worker's average compensation. The online database calls for a fair tax system by allowing users to compare their own salary against the salaries of top executives.

Check out what the AFL-CIO's interactive map reveals about CEO pay in the United States:


United States CEO salary:


Average CEO Compensation: $12,259,894
Average Worker compensation: $34,645

CEO to worker ratio in the United States: 341 to 1

Compare CEO salaries of other developed nations:


Canada: 206 to 1
Switzerland: 148 to 1
Germany: 147 to 1
Spain: 127 to 1
Czech Republic: 110 to 1
France: 104 to 1
Australia: 93 to 1
Sweden: 89 to 1
United Kingdom: 84 to 1
Netherlands: 76 to 1
Israel: 76 to 1
Japan: 67 to 1
Norway: 58 to 1
Portugal: 53 to 1
Austria: 36 to 1
Poland: 28 to 1

Here are more quick facts from the AFL-CIO about rising CEO pay:


  • Average income for the 1% has risen by 125% since 1992, while the 99%'s has risen only 10% despite being 88% more productive
  • The highest paid CEO in the United States in 2011 was Eric E. Schmidt who was compensated almost $101 million dollars.
  • The richest 1% of Americans have more than one-third of the nation's wealth, while 60% of Americans live with less than 10%.

Check out the 100 highest paid CEOs, top paid CEOs by industry and the top paid CEOs by state.

Which statistic is most surprising to you? Comment below!

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