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Supporting Workers: Leslie Tolf on Labor's Talk Radio

Posted on April 12, 2014
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Supporting workers blog

"The covenant of unions since the 1930s was to help people…on the job and off the job. That's why we have such a strong social contract around healthcare, around pensions, and around job security."

â€" Leslie Tolf, President, Union Plus


The excerpt comes from Leslie Tolf's recent interview with the Union Edge hosted by Charles Showalter. On the show, Leslie discusses the wide variety of money saving benefits to union members, providing her own experience using Union Plus benefits, discussing why unions matter as a parent of a millennial about to hit a difficult job market, and touching on an upcoming benefit for veteran families.

You can listen to the full interview on on iTunes (number 40) or stream online at

Also, make sure read her Huffington Post articles Why Unions Matter and Loving Millenials: A Message to Generation Y (and Those Who Know Them).


About the Union Edge â€" Labor's Talk Radio

The Union Edge is the premier labor radio outlet, mixing local and national interviews, discussing important issues that appeal strongly to labor, progressives and moderates. The Union Edge offers an outlet for unions and community organizations to express views to the general public, to educate and engage the public, and to move them to action.

The podcast is America's only daily syndicated Labor Talk Radio show, and is hosted by Charles Showalter, a Pittsburg native, known nationally as the former president of the National Homeland Security Council. He was formally a member of the American Federation Government Employees (AFGE), and is currently a SAG-AFTRA member.

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