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NEW website helps workers solve job problems

Posted on July 3, 2013
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Ten Good Reasons You Should Use

10) If you're not getting paid what you deserve. Whether you see money disappearing from your paycheck or you've just never gotten a raise, that's a problem that you don't just have to accept.

9) If you're hitting the ceiling. One of the biggest problems we hear is that people don't feel like there's any opportunity for advancement at their job.

8 ) If your boss is a jerk. Just because someone signs your paycheck doesn't give them the right to abuse you. You deserve respect.

7) If you never know when you'll have to be there. Does your schedule keep changing? Do your days off turn into work days? Are you getting more shifts than you can handle-or not enough to get by?

6) If you're not feeling safe at work. You shouldn't be afraid that just being at work could mean you wind up injured, sick or worse.

5) If you can spot a pattern of unfairness. Harassment and discrimination are illegal-but a lot of workers don't know what their right are if they're being targeted.

4) Because the laws that should protect workers are under attack. Republicans in the U.S. Senate are blocking nominees for the U.S. Department of Labor and National Labor Relations Board, endangering the ability to enforce decades-old protections for working people. That's why it's more important than ever to know your rights and speak out on the job.

3) Because working people's power is eroding relative to corporations. We live in a time when the share of the economy made up by wages is shrinking, and the share of the economy made up of corporate profits is increasing. Organizing at work helps shift the balance of power back towards us a little.

2) Because you spend so much of your day at work. You shouldn't have to dread the place you spend so much of your time.

1) Because you're not in this alone. Chances are, whatever problem you have at work, your co-workers are dealing with it too. You're going to need help from others to fix what's wrong at your job, and when you take positive steps, the people you work with will benefit, too.



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