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Get the inside scoop on the Hostess "bankery"

Posted by BCTGM on February 25, 2013
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Hostess strike

Cross post from BCTGM

BCTGM Local 218 member Mike Hummell, a Hostess/Wonder worker for 14 years, helps to tell the story of the Hostess bankruptcy through the eyes of dedicated Kansas bakers.

"You've heard the Mainstream Media read you the Hostess PR sheet, now hear the truth from the mouths of the people who had their pension stolen. As the mainstream media distracted America with misinformation about Unions, the Hedge Funds got away with theft. They collected $4.25 an hour from each and every worker for the Baker's pension fund, then refused to send the money to the pension. In this 25 minute film you will hear about the causes and effects of this blatant, and apparently legal, theft. You will also learn the truth about the reason Hostess had to close. SPOILER ALERT: it's not what you've been told by your favorite news source. They have ALL blown the story."

Click here to watch this on YouTube.


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