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Introducing the Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes with weekly prizes

Posted on September 26, 2012
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Starting on Monday October 1 to Sunday November 11, we will be launching a six-week Scavenger Hunt Sweepstakes! On Monday morning of each week, we will be asking for union members' participation to work on deciphering the weekly clue and either text or email us the correct answer by midnight of Thursday of that week.

The questions will progressively get harder each week -- culminating with the sixth and final week -- for the grand prize. We will be announcing the weekly winners each Saturday afternoon for the duration of the sweepstakes.

Ready to have some fun with a chance to win weekly prizes? Participate in the Union Plus Online Scavenger Hunt starting Monday, October 1 and running six weeks!


Scavenger Hunt Clues:



How to play:


  • Check on the Union Plus Collective Bargains Blog for the weekly clue every Monday morning at 10am -- the weekly clue will also be posted on the Union Plus Facebook Page.
  • Decipher the clue to find the single word -- keyword -- within the mentioned Union Plus discount programs' webpage.
  • Submit the winning keywords in one of two ways (see below).
  • Look out for an email Friday afternoon to see if you've won the week's scavenger hunt -- and the $25 Entertainment Discount E-Certificate (or the $150 Grand Prize).
  • We will be publicly announcing the winner on Facebook the following week (after checking union status of each week's winner).


To Submit Winning Keyword:


  1. By Mobile: Text in the winning keyword to 22555. Complete your scavenger hunt by texting in your email address when requested.
  2. By Email: Send in the winning keyword to with the answer in the subject line along with the week's clue within the body of your email.





We will contact winners by email every Friday afternoon and if you do not respond within 5 business days, you'll be ineligible for the prize.




  • Must be a union member, retiree or a parent or child of a union member.
  • Must be in good standing with your union.
  • If you're texting in the answer, must have texted in a correct email address (when prompted) to confirm your entry. We will be reaching out to the winner via email.
  • We will select at random a winning participant who texted in the correct answer as well as one who emailed in the correct answer -- we will then flip a coin to decide the week's winner between the two.
  • If the initial winner does not respond to the winning email after 5-days, then the runner-up will be declared the winner.
  • If both winners fails to respond, we will redraw two additional winners and repeat the process.
  • Full Rules

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