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Are your tires union-made?

Posted on April 16, 2013
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Union made tires

The U.S. Department of Transportation requires all tires sold in the United States carry a code that includes the company and plant that made the tire. The code looks like this: DOT BE XX XXX XXX

The two symbols (either two letters or a letter and a number) which follow "DOT" indicate the company and the plant where a tire was manufactured.  For example, the above code (BE) indicates a tire made by B. F. Goodrich in Tuscaloosa, AL.

By comparing the following list to the code on the tires you're buying, you can be certain you are getting a tire made by the United Steelworkers (USW).

BE: B. F. Goodrich
Tuscaloosa, AL
BF: B. F. Goodrich
Woodburn, IN
VE; YE; YU; 8B: Bridgestone/Firestone
Des Moines, IA
D2; E3; W1; Y7: Bridgestone/Firestone
Lavergne, TN
2C; 4D; 5D: Bridgestone/Firestone
Morrison, TN
UP: Cooper
Findlay, OH

UT: Cooper
Texarkana, AR
JU; PC; UK: Goodyear
Medicine Hat, Alberta
JJ; MD; PU: Goodyear
Gadsden, AL
DA: Dunlop
Buffalo, NY
JN; MJ; PY: Goodyear
Topeka, KS
JE; MC; PT: Goodyear
Danville, VA
JF; MM; PJ: Kelly-Springfield
Fayetteville, NC
CF: Titan Tire
Des Moines, IA

JH; MN; PK: Titan Tire
Freeport, IL
B plus serial  #: Titan Tire
Bryan, OH
CC: Yokohama Tire
Salem, VA

Firestone racing tires for the Indy Racing League (IRL) are USW-made tires.

Goodyear racing tires made in the United States are USW-made tires.

Goodrich racing tires or off-the road tires made in the United States are USW-made tires.

In addition to company brands, these codes also appear on "Associate Brand" and "Private Brand" tires manufactured at the above plants. The key to being sure of getting a union-made tire is the DOT code.

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