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$100 rebate makes a believer of AFT member

Posted on November 6, 2013
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Sharon Zita of Bolingbrook, IL, taught first graders for 30 years as a member of American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 00001.

Sharon needed a new smartphone "My old phone was nine years old. I couldn't even text on it," she says. "My adult children would tell me to text them and I'd say, 'Nope, not on my phone.'"

So when she went online to pay her Union Plus credit card bill, she saw an offer for a $100 rebate on a new AT&T smartphone, "I didn't really believe it," she says.

So Sharon read the offer three times. She even read the fine print. Then she printed it out, called Union Plus and asked, "Is this real?"

It was real all right! It's a limited time offer from Union Plus. It gives union families the opportunity to get up to $100 back on the purchase of a new smartphone, along with another $100 if they switch from another carrier when they use their Union Plus credit card. 

To get the $100 smartphone rebate you must:

  • Be a current Union Plus AT&T 15% discount customer. (Existing AT&T customers can join the Union Plus AT&T program, find out how here…)
  • Pay for your new smartphone with your Union Plus/AFT credit card.

It's an offer that means savings-as well as union solidarity, so important in these times, because AT&T is the only national unionized wireless provider. Union members also save 15% on select AT&T wireless plans with the Union Plus.

The $100 rebate made a believer out of Sharon. "There was no hassle," she says. "It was exactly what it said it was."

Sharon loves her new phone. "I hardly ever used my old phone," she says, "but I'm using my new smartphone all the time. I'm calling, I'm texting, and I really love the camera. It's easy to use and it takes great pictures. I just took pictures at my granddaughter's Christmas show!"

Three grandchildren are sure to provide plenty of photo opportunitiesâ"€ is a classroom full of children. Sharon still volunteers once a week in a local school.

Her last phone lasted nine years. But she says, this time, she'll be watching closely to see what new features the phone companies come up with-and visiting for more offers.

"I can't wait to see what new smartphones are doing in another year or two," she says. "I believe I just might get another one, one of these days."

To learn more about the rebate and discounts on select AT&T wireless plans visit

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On 11/26/13 anonymous said:

That's. Nice. That's. Nice

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