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Union member saves big by refinancing with a Union Plus Mortgage

Posted on March 24, 2013
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Iatse mortgage assistance program

When much of your job requires you to live from a suitcase, time spent at home is cherished. That was certainly the case when Paul Moore traveled the world as a stage manager and scenic artist for theater, television, and movies for some 17 years.
But now Moore, Eastern Executive Director of the Motion Pictures Editors Guild, International Association of Theatrical, Stage Employees (IATSE), Local 700, doesn't travel as much and home is an inviting, rustic, cabin-inspired cedar getaway, about 90 miles from the heart of New York City in the town of Forestburg.

For any homeowner, mortgage payments, home association fees and property assessments are monthly reminders that your dream home comes at a price. After refinancing three times previously, Moore didn't think it was worth the hassle of massive paperwork to try to whittle away at his mortgage payment. Fortunately, a phone call from the Union Plus Mortgage Program, convinced him to give it a shot.

"I didn't want the headache of refinancing. I travel a lot and when I'm home, I want to enjoy my time," says Moore. "But I'm glad I went through with it. It was a very good, streamlined process. The information was turned around quickly and the savings were significant."

Situated in a community that boasts 1,100 acres of protected woodlands, Moore's home provides a quiet refuge from bustling city life. He and his wife Cassandra, a former ballerina who is now an American Federation of Teachers (AFT) member and high school dance teacher, have lived in the home for 12 years.

Motion picture editors are as diverse as the jobs they perform â€" and so are their "dream homes." Whether the ideal home is a cozy apartment in the heart of the city, a rancher in the rolling countryside, or a traditional colonial home in the suburbs, the Union Plus Mortgage makes buying or refinancing a home easy and affordable with competitive pricing and special protections. Moore's refinance through Union Plus Mortgage Program saved him about $350 per month.

Moore believes in the core values of the labor movement and as a union leader, he is proud of the value of union membership. "I'm proud to work for the men and women of Local 700. At the bargaining table, the union fights to make sure that wages and working conditions are good and that every creative member has a voice on the job," Moore says. " But the commitment to union members doesn't stop at the bargaining table -- the discounts offered by Union Plus to union members save money on everything from home refinancing to vacations to health care services."

Union Plus Mortgage offers union members and their families a unique mortgage assistance program. Union Plus Mortgage Assistance offers safety-net protections to help union members who might have trouble making their mortgage payments due to an unexpected loss of income due to disability, strike, lockout or layoff.

In addition, Union Plus Mortgage provides a $500 gift card shortly after closing and first-time homebuyers who are union members may earn a $500 First-Time HomeAward.

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