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Union member finds Union Plus Mortgage pushes all the right buttons

Posted on March 9, 2013
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Iuec mortgage first time homebuyer

Darrell Roybal of Lakewood, CO, is an elevator mechanic member of the International Union of Elevator Constructors (IUEC) Local 25. When Roybal decided to buy his first house, he chose the Union Plus Mortgage Program with its unique benefits exclusive for union families.

"Union Plus offered interest-free assistance in case I'm injured on the job or in the event of a strike or lockout," Darrell says.

Roybal says that the service that he experienced made the process of buying his first home less intimidating. "It was a scary decision, just thinking of all the closing costs and everything you need to buy your first home," he says. "Union Plus made it easy."

Even after 15 years in IUEC and 20 years as a union man, Roybal says he's still discovering all the benefits of going union. "This was my first experience with Union Plus," he says. "But once we got a Union Plus mortgage, I immediately went online to learn about other Union Plus programs. I discovered we could get a 15% discount on wireless service from AT&T that's been a big savings. And now I'm looking into applying for Union Plus scholarships for the kids."

There was one more Union Plus benefit he wasn't expecting. Roybal learned that first-time home buyers who choose the Union Plus Mortgage Program are eligible to apply for the First-Time Home Award: $500 to help with "new home" expenses. "What a great way to welcome a family to their new home," Roybal says.

Roybal and his family are definitely making themselves at home in the new place. "My children are so happy to have a place of their own and room to play," he says. "We're really enjoying having a house with a yard."

And he's making sure his union brothers know about the benefits of the Union Plus Mortgage Program. "I've told a bunch of guys at work," he says. "If you're considering buying a house, you've got to look into Union Plus."

Considering the purchase or refinance of a home? The Union Plus Mortgage Program offers a full-range of mortgage products.

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