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AFL-CIO Union Plus benefits help current and retired labor union members and their families save money and support them through major milestones, celebrations and hardships. Learn More.
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IUOE member reports the Union Plus Mortgage Program checks out perfectly

Posted on November 25, 2013
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Delano fanony 2   web

When Delano Fanony and his wife, Teressa, were ready to buy their first home, they discovered that what they wanted for their family's future life is what they treasured from the past -- good schools, a safe neighborhood and a circle of family and friends nearby.

They also realized that Delano's union, the International Union of Operating Engineers (IUOE), Local 286, could not only help them in the workplace, but could also make it possible for them to purchase their dream home.

"I've always been grateful for the union protections that I get on the job, but I was unaware that my union membership could help me get a great mortgage," explains Fanony, who works as a biomedical service technician at two hospitals in Olympia, Wash.

"The service was great, and I appreciate that the Union Plus Mortgage program has benefits especially designed for union families. Plus it was nice to receive a financial award for being a first-time homebuyer. I've made a point of spreading the word about the Union Plus Mortgage program."

The Union Plus Mortgage program, with financing available through Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, has provided $43.6 billion in mortgages to help more than 200,000 union members and their families buy or refinance a home

The Union Plus Mortgage program is packed with unique benefits tailored to meet the needs of active and retired union members, their parents and children, who want to buy or refinance a home. Some of the benefits of the Union Plus Mortgage program include:

  • Hardship Assistance -- Union Plus Mortgage Assistance helps members and their families who are unemployed, recently disabled, on strike or locked out make their mortgage payments with interest-free loans and grants. Mortgage Assistance has provided almost $10 million to help members keep their loans current and stay in their homes.
  • Award Card â€" Union members and their families may receive a $500 Wells Fargo My Mortgage Gift award card after closing on a purchase or refinance loan.*
  • Incentive for First-Time Home Buyers --Union members who are first-time buyers, like Fanony, can apply for a $500 First-Time Home Award from Union Plus. To apply, active or retired union members who used the Union Plus Mortgage program to purchase their first home simply fill out an application and provide a short, written description of their Union Plus Mortgage program experience and why home ownership matters.

Fanony points out that the $500 First-Time Home Award can be especially useful for stocking up on necessary items for every home: a weed-eater, a ladder, a shovel, and a rake. "When we were tenants we never thought about those things, but now we can't do without them. We love our home, but there's always a project to keep me busy."

For Delano and Teressa Fanony, their home in Lakewood, Wash., feels especially comfortable since they grew up in the same area. "It's nice to return to our old stomping grounds," says Delano. "We run into friends from high school and it's nice to return to a place where we shared a lot of happy memories."

After years of living in apartments, Fanony and his wife hope that the Union Plus program will enable more union members to become homeowners. "Home ownership has been great for our family. We never realized how important it was to own a home until we had kids (a daughter, 5, and a boy, 3). We wanted a safe, permanent place for our kids, and for them to grow, learn, and create memories in a place they call 'home.' The Union Plus Mortgage helped us make that hope a reality," says Fanony.

No doubt, the Fanony home has a lot going for it. The children will have their own bedrooms and a backyard designed for hours of fun. The nice, wide sidewalks make Teressa's brisk walks convenient and enjoyable. The new home also has a parking spot big enough to house a large fishing boat -- something Delano aspires to have someday. Given his penchant for making his dreams come true, odds are good that there will always be a freezer full of fresh fish in the Fanony family's future.

In addition to the Union Plus Mortgage program, Union Plus provides a full array of consumer discounts, services and special programs, including educational scholarships, to enrich the lives of working families. To learn more about Union Plus discounts and programs, please visit



*Eligible individuals can receive the Wells Fargo My Mortgage GiftSM promotion in the amount of $500.00 approximately 6 weeks after closing on a new purchase or refinance loan secured by a first mortgage or deed of trust with Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, subject to qualification, approval and closing, when identifying themselves as eligible under the Union Plus Mortgage program. The My Mortgage GiftSM promotion is not available with any Wells Fargo Three-Step Refinance SYSTEM® program, The Relocation Mortgage ProgramSM or the HOME program. Only one award permitted per new loan. This promotion cannot be combined with any other promotion, discount or rebate. This promotion is void where prohibited, transferable, and subject to change or cancellation with no prior notice. Gifts may constitute taxable income. Federal, state and local taxes, and any use of the gift not otherwise specified in the Terms and Conditions provided at receipt of gift are the sole responsibility of the My Mortgage GiftSM recipient. Please see Terms and Conditions document for more information.
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