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Union member wins week of free car rental

Posted on May 4, 2013
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Sag aftra car rental contest winner 2012

SAG-AFTRA member Wendy Charles, of New York, is one of the five lucky winners of a week of free car rental with Union Plus. She was randomly selected from more than 12,600 participants in the Union Plus Car Rental contest.

Wendy learned about the contest when visiting the Union Plus website. "I am flying to L.A. to attend a screening of a film in which I have a lead role… and I always check the travel deals on Union Plus to see what rental car discounts are available to union members. I saw the contest and entered."

Union members benefit from Union Plus with options such as savings on car rentals. Wendy visits often and says: "I would tell fellow members that Union Plus offers wonderful consumer savings, discounts and benefits to union members."

Now that she has a week of free car rental, Wendy is planning a trip upstate in Western New York to visit her home town. "I haven't been back in many years, and hope to drive upstate this fall, and revisit a special place from my past," she adds.
Union members are eligible for a Union Plus discount of up to 25 percent on car rentals.

To take advantage of the best rates under this program, reserve online by visiting  Also be sure to visit the Union Plus website to learn about all of our programs and savings for union members.

Enter to win a vacation for a family of four to Disney World!  Deadline to enter is May 15, 2013

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