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UFCW members calls Union Plus program a "godsend"

Posted on September 20, 2012
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Ufcw mortgage assistance

Alan Busch of Brookhaven, PA, and United Food and Commercial Workers Union (UFCW) Local 1776, purchased his family home when he was still in his early twenties. Today, more than three decades later, Busch has a lot of equity - and memories - to safeguard. So when he was forced him to miss several months of work last year while a workplace grievance was resolved, he protected his home by tapping into the assistance program from his Union Plus Mortgage.

"I was facing several months without pay but the mortgage payment wouldn't wait," says Busch, a 37-year union member. "If it wasn't for Union Plus I wouldn't have been able to take a stand and fight for myself."

The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program, a union-only program, can cover your mortgage payment if you're out of work during unemployment, disability, strike or layoff. The program provides interest-free loans to union members, as well as their parents and children, who have had a Union Plus Mortgage for 12 months or more. The first $1,000 of the loan is a grant that never needs to be repaid.

Busch thinks every union family should have the protection of a Union Plus Mortgage. "When we refinanced our home, I made sure I got a union mortgage that came with assistance. I didn't want to take any chances in the event of a strike or lockout. I liked that it was a union program and we got a great rate," says Busch.

Help for When the Bills Kept Coming but His Paycheck Stopped
"The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program was a godsend for me," says Busch. "It helped me out so much. Union Plus took all the stress off during a very difficult time."

Today, Busch is back at work with the stress of the situation fading behind him. And he tells everyone he works with about the Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program.

$8 Million in Assistance to Union Families
Since its inception, this special union benefit program has paid out over $8 million in assistance, helping union members keep their home loans current.

Considering the purchase or refinance of a home? The Union Plus Mortgage Program, provided by Chase, offers a full-range of mortgage products for union members, their parents and children.

If you have had a Union Plus mortgage, credit card or insurance policy for at least a year and are facing financial difficulty, help may be available through the Union SAFE program. Visit for more information on layoff, disability, education and hospital care grants available to Union Plus program participants. If you're worried you might lose your home, whether you have a union mortgage or not, call the Union Plus Save My Home Hotline at 1-866-490-5361 any time day or night.

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