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Union Plus AT&T Wireless Rebates helps union member save big

Posted on August 9, 2014
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John arbo 171 web

Bass player and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Local 802 member John Arbo plays an important role on Broadway as a substitute musician. He can get a call at any time to fill in for a show and that means he sometimes must rush to New York City from his home in Warwick, N.Y., located about 60 miles northwest of Manhattan. Arbo says the excellent coverage he now receives since switching wireless carriers through the Union Plus AT&T Rebate Program means that he never misses a show. He also received a $100 rebate on the purchase of a new smartphone.

"(The iPhone 5c smartphone) is very useful for instant communication because of what I do with subbing very frequently," says Arbo, 60, who has been a professional musician for 40 years, an AFM member since 1981. "I'll get last-minute texts or calls from people â€" 'are you available tonight?' That kind of thing. So when I have the phone in my pocket and I get a text, I can instantly reply for work," says Arbo.

Union Plus AT&T discount difference

Arbo took advantage of the AT&T 15% monthly discount on select monthly wireless plans available to all dues-paying union members and retirees. He saves on his monthly bill through AFM, even though he is also a member of SAG-AFTRA and Actors' Equity. Arbo credits his unions with making his career as a substitute Broadway musician possible with a win in the '80s that changed the contract system.

"If you're a regular guy, you have a show, and if you're not, you sub for other regular guys," says Arbo. "So it's a whole network that exists because of the union and, of course, the wages are rather good and the benefits are rather good."

Thinking about switching carriers? 

When Arbo isn't providing part of the soundtracks to "Mamma Mia" or "Phantom of the Opera," he likes to garden and says he is good at fixing things â€" "I'm always doing projects around the house or fixing a car." Arbo and his wife moved to Warwick 20 years ago and they have two kids in college. Arbo describes Warwick as "on the cusp of where the country begins. There are cows and stuff in my town."

"We had been considering switching carriers for a while and that rebate was the kick that got me to do it. And, switching to a carrier that was a union shop was attractive to me," says Arbo. "I was glad to get the rebate. I thought it was a nice deal. It spurred me to change."

Additional savings

The AT&T 15% wireless discount is available to all dues-paying union members and retirees. It is available on select monthly plans with a two-year contract, and enrollment can be done at an AT&T-owned store or on the web. Use the union AT&T Wireless Discount Code: 3508840.

Additionally, Union Plus Credit Card holders are eligible to receive up to a $100 rebate on the purchase of a new smartphone, as well as a $150 rebate when switching from non-union wireless providers like Verizon Wireless, Sprint and T-Mobile & paying with their Union Plus Credit Card.

And remember, when you choose AT&T Wireless, you're supporting over 45,000 union members at the nation's only unionized wireless carrier.

As an AFM member, you're connected to a world of special Union Plus benefits and services.AFM members can also apply for one of the credit cards offered through the Union Plus Credit Card program, which offers competitive rates and hardship assistance benefits for eligible cardholders after just three months, including job loss, strike, disability and hospital grants1.

Click here to find more Union Plus benefits. Limited funding is available for the Union Plus Smartphone Rebate, so union members who are considering purchasing a new smartphone or switching from a non-union carrier may want to take advantage now.

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