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Union Plus Pet Insurance gives union member peace of mind, and a healthy kitty

Posted on April 3, 2014
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Erin radford pet insurance

When Erin Radford's husband, Johnny Bailey, saw a news story on television about pet insurance, his ears perked up. Soon, their cat, Boogey, perked up, as well.

"The story talked about people with pets that got illnesses, and the family couldn't come up with the money for the operation," Radford said. "So, the family had to figure out how to pay for it or have the pet put to sleep. My husband sort of freaked out and said, 'We have to get pet insurance.'"

Radford, a member of OPEIU Local 2, looked to Union Plus, remembering the wide array of benefits offered to union members. She knew pet insurance was available but had never really looked into it.


A complete insurance plan in time of need

"I hadn't ever gone on the website, but I knew there were different things available," she said. "When I searched for pet insurance, it took me to something with all the different options. It definitely was easy to find what I needed."

That insurance soon came in handy when Boogey, a gray short-hair who was nine at the time Radford purchased the insurance, was diagnosed with diabetes.

"I really didn't think too much about it when we got the insurance, but I was so glad we did," Radford said, calling the recommendation one of the best things her husband has ever done. "It has been really helpful with all the insulin and needles; it can get costly. There is a deductible, but it has made such a difference and been such a savings."


Boogey, a part of the family

Boogey was so named because of her shyness the first month after moving into Radford's home.

"We got her when she was four (years old) through my husband's sister, and I think she spent the entire first month living under the bed," Radford said. "She came out at night or when we were at work, and I could lay on the bed and put my hand down and play with her. Finally she came out. But at first she was the boogey monster living under the bed."

In seven years, Boogey has become a part of the family.

"We don't have kids or anything, so it's just our cat," Radford said. "I tell everybody at work how beneficial the pet insurance has been. They are so accustomed to me having to leave at lunch to go home and give Boogey insulin. The insurance has been so helpful."


Union Plus pet insurance is a flexible plan that covers your pet's needs for as little as $17.95 per month. Premiums are based on the pet's age, breed, your zip code and the desired deductible. All breeds of cats and dogs are guaranteed coverage, and lifetime enrollment is available. There is no annual coverage limit.

Unlike other plans, Union Plus pet insurance covers both diagnosis and treatment of both accidents and illnesses. Furthermore, quick reimbursement is guaranteed.

"It's been really easy to use â€" easier than my own insurance," Radford said emphatically. "You simply submit the paperwork with receipts and such, and within a couple weeks you get a check."

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