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Meet Brea Ellis, our new Union Services Representative

Posted on March 27, 2013
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Union Plus strives to build strong relationships with our union brothers and sisters. Serving the 11 million workers represented by the AFL-CIO, we must understand the unique issues of each union, and identify benefits to address their individual challenges.

Union Plus Union Services Representatives work to add value to membership by providing everything you need to tell your members about their benefits.

Meet the new Union Services Representative, Brea Ellis. She is a 4th generation Washington, D.C., resident who brings years of union experience and looks forward to continuing our commitment to the labor movement.

Union Service as a Teamster and at the Amalgamated Transit Union

After studying journalism at Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Brea jumped on a plane to California to work as an international flight attendant for a private airline called World Airways. The airline staff was organized by the Teamsters union, and chartered private flights for such clients as the military and the NFL.

"[It was] a really fun job. I really liked the travel," says Brea.

Soon after her experience as a flight attendant, Brea worked 3 years in Social Media Marketing as the Digital Media Analyst at the Amalgamated Transit Union (ATU) Local 689 in Forestville, Maryland. At ATU Local 689, she was an OPEIU member, and was responsible for creating content for a community of more than 11,000 ATU members including drivers, train operators and mechanics.

"My office was on top of the union hall which was great because I got to meet a lot of members on their way into the hall," says Brea.

Informing Members of Union Plus Benefits

She first learned about the Union Services position at Union Plus from UNION CITY!, the e-zine published every weekday by the Metropolitan Washington Council, AFL-CIO. She was drawn to the opportunity to return to Washington, D.C., life for the first time as an adult, and the ability to serve union members.

"I just enjoy talking to members, and I don't want to lose that," says Brea.

Brea also looks forward to traveling, which she misses from her days as a flight attendant

"America is such a beautiful country," says Brea. "And I will enjoy learning as much as I can about each union, finding out their unique challenges, and matching our benefits to fit their needs."

The best way to match a benefit is for you to USE the programs. As a member of OPEIU local 2, Brea takes advantage of the Union Plus AT&T discount. Test out a program and let us know what you think. The Union Plus Member Advocate can work with you on resolution, as necessary, if you run into any issues with a program provider. 

More Help for Leaders

In Brea's spare time, she maintains a fashion blog, collects luggage, loves to shop and plays with her 4 year old Westie named Bradley Superstar who happens to share her birthday.

"Yeah, he's pretty fabulous," says Brea.

Brea also finds time to volunteer with the local alumnae chapter of Delta Zeta Sorority.

Are you a leader who needs more help?

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