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Why Choose AT&T Over Other Wireless Carriers

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At Union Plus, we know that you have a choice in your wireless carrier. So why do we offer union member discounts on wireless service with AT&T, instead of non-union carriers like Verizon or Sprint? 

It comes down to Union Plus' values: Savings, Service and Solidarity. The 15% Union Plus AT&T Discount ensures savings for you on AT&T's coast-to-coast high-speed network -- while supporting union workers across America. 

1. Savings 

With Union Plus' exclusive discount, union members save 15% on select AT&T monthly wireless service plans.

And Union Plus makes it easy to get the latest iPhone, Android, or other smartphone with Union Plus AT&T Rebates. With up to $250 in rebates, you can finally get the phone you want at a price you will love.

Alex's testimonial“I happened to mention to my union business rep one day that I wasn’t happy with Verizon Wireless. He’s the one who told me about the AT&T discount and the rebate of up to $100 after purchasing a new smartphone. 

It was great! The guy at the AT&T store was fantastic and took care of all the paperwork. The service and reliability of AT&T has been superb, and I got the rebate really fast.”

- Alex, BCTGM Local 6 member

2. Service

Not only will you and your family save every month, but you will be on AT&T's advanced wireless network -- delivering the nation’s most reliable 4G LTE coverage.

AT&T's ultra-fast network covers more than 99% of the country -- meaning you can connect in places where T-Mobile, Sprint and other providers can't compete. AT&T is staying competitive by continuously investing in significantly upgrading its network, to deliver better coverage, speed and performance.   

In addition to outstanding wireless coverage, you will have access to AT&T's award-winning customer service, consistently ranked #1 of all major carriers by JD Power and Associates. 

Michael's testimonial“The AT&T coverage is better than Sprint’s coverage. I work up in Gary and I couldn’t use my Sprint phone at all, and now with AT&T I can use it and it’s just a whole lot better.

I like being able to get my phone calls or text messages anywhere that I’ve been. I haven’t had a bad spot.”

- Michael, IUOE Local 150 member

3. Solidarity

Best of all, the 15% Union Plus AT&T Discount means you are spending your money with a company that values union workers like you.

When you choose AT&T, you’re choosing to support 140,000 union members at the country’s largest private union employer, and the nation's only unionized wireless carrier.

No other wireless carrier can make this claim -- not Verizon, not T-Mobile, not Sprint, and not CREDO.

Carrier comparison chart

John's testimonial“We had been considering switching carriers for a while and that rebate was the kick that got me to do it. And, switching to a carrier that was a union shop was attractive to me.

I was glad to get the rebate. I thought it was a nice deal. It spurred me to change.”

- John, AFM Local 802 member

More than half a million union members across the country are already taking part in the 15% Union Plus AT&T Discount -- and have saved in total more than $100 million.

And when union members make the switch, they choose overwhelmingly to stay with AT&T.

Are you ready to make the switch and save? Shop online, or download the coupon to bring to your local AT&T retail store. Don’t forget: use the discount FAN number 3508840 to ensure you get the discount.

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Download Coupon

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Are you a current AT&T customer? You can still receive the 15% monthly discount! Sign up now through the AT&T premiere site to start saving, or find information to sign up at your nearest AT&T retail store or over the phone.

Wayne's testimonialWe got more phones than we had before, and we have better service with AT&T... I’ve been trying to push it on those guys at the plant ever since I got the rebate.

We get 15% off because of Union Plus, and there are the rebates. Who couldn’t use 250 bucks? You can’t go wrong.”

- Wayne, USW Local 14482 member



Member Comments

On 05/12/14 anonymous said:

I Am A Retired United Auto. Worker! I Will Continue To Support Union Workers!!!

On 12/23/13 gayle said:

Thank you for this information. I have been seriously considering switching to CREDO to support politically progressive company. Based on ATT being a union supported workplace, I'll keep my business with ATT.

On 12/02/13 Peter said:

I will choose AT&T as my provider over verizon

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