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Why Choose AT&T Over Other Wireless Carriers

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At Union Plus, we know that you have a choice in your wireless carrier. So why do we offer union member discounts on wireless service with AT&T, instead of non-union carriers like Verizon or Sprint? 

It comes down to Union Plus' values: Savings, Service and Solidarity. The 15% AT&T Discount through Union Plus1 ensures savings for you on AT&T's coast-to-coast high-speed network -- while supporting union workers across America. 

1. Savings 

With Union Plus' exclusive discount, union members save 15% on the monthly service charge of qualified wireless plans.

And Union Plus makes it easy to get the latest iPhone, Android, or other smartphone with Union Plus AT&T Rebates2. With up to $250 in rebates, you can finally get the phone you want at a price you will love.

Alex's testimonial“I happened to mention to my union business rep one day that I wasn’t happy with Verizon Wireless. He’s the one who told me about the AT&T discount and the rebate of up to $100 after purchasing a new smartphone. 

It was great! The guy at the AT&T store was fantastic and took care of all the paperwork. The service and reliability of AT&T has been superb, and I got the rebate really fast.”

- Alex, BCTGM Local 6 member

2. Service

Not only will you and your family save every month, but you will be on AT&T's advanced wireless network.

AT&T's ultra-fast network covers more than 99% of the country -- meaning you can connect in places where T-Mobile, Sprint and other providers can't compete. AT&T is staying competitive by continuously investing in significantly upgrading its network, to deliver better coverage, speed and performance.   

In addition to outstanding wireless coverage, you will have access to AT&T's award-winning customer service, consistently ranked #1 of all major carriers by JD Power and Associates. 

Michael's testimonial“The AT&T coverage is better than Sprint’s coverage. I work up in Gary and I couldn’t use my Sprint phone at all, and now with AT&T I can use it and it’s just a whole lot better.

I like being able to get my phone calls or text messages anywhere that I’ve been. I haven’t had a bad spot.”

- Michael, IUOE Local 150 member

3. Solidarity

Best of all, the 15% AT&T Discount through Union Plus means you are spending your money with a company that values union workers like you.

When you choose AT&T, you're choosing to support the nearly 150,000 union members at the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier.

No other wireless carrier can make this claim -- not Verizon, not T-Mobile, not Sprint, and not CREDO.

Carrier comparison chart

John's testimonial“We had been considering switching carriers for a while and that rebate was the kick that got me to do it. And, switching to a carrier that was a union shop was attractive to me.

I was glad to get the rebate. I thought it was a nice deal. It spurred me to change.”

- John, AFM Local 802 member

More than half a million union members across the country are already taking part in the 15% AT&T Discount through Union Plus -- and have saved in total more than $100 million.

And when union members make the switch, they choose overwhelmingly to stay with AT&T.

Are you ready to make the switch and save? Shop online, or download the coupon to bring to your local AT&T retail store. Don’t forget: use the discount discount code 3508840 to ensure you get the discount.

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Are you a current AT&T customer? You can still receive the 15% monthly discount! Sign up now through the AT&T Premier site to start saving, or find information to sign up at your nearest AT&T retail store or over the phone.

Wayne's testimonialWe got more phones than we had before, and we have better service with AT&T... I’ve been trying to push it on those guys at the plant ever since I got the rebate.

We get 15% off because of Union Plus, and there are the rebates. Who couldn’t use 250 bucks? You can’t go wrong.”

- Wayne, USW Local 14482 member



1Available only to current members of qualified AFL-CIO member unions. Must provide acceptable proof of union membership such as a membership card from your local union, a pay stub showing dues deduction or the Union Plus Member Discount Card and subscribe to service under an individual account for which the member is personally liable. Offer contingent upon in-store verification of union member status. Discount subject to agreement between Union Privilege and AT&T and may be interrupted, changed or discontinued without notice. Discount applies only to recurring monthly service charge of qualified voice and data plans, not overages. Not available with unlimited voice plans. For Family Talk, applies only to primary line. For all Mobile Share plans, applies only to the monthly plan charge of plans with more than 300MB, not to additional monthly device access charges. May take up to 2 bill cycles after eligibility confirmed and will not apply to prior charges. Discount applied after application of any available credit and may not be combined with other service discounts. Additional restrictions apply. Visit or contact AT&T at 866-499-8008 for details.
2Qualifying monthly data plan required. Rebate offers are available only to union member Union Plus cardholders. Rebates are limited-time offers and are only available while funds last, so checks are sent out on a first-come, first-served basis. Union Privilege is the sole sponsor and administrator of these rebates. AT&T is not a sponsor of the Union Plus rebates and is not affiliated with the administration and operation of the rebates in any way. For details, visit


Member Comments

On 05/12/14 anonymous said:

I Am A Retired United Auto. Worker! I Will Continue To Support Union Workers!!!

On 12/23/13 gayle said:

Thank you for this information. I have been seriously considering switching to CREDO to support politically progressive company. Based on ATT being a union supported workplace, I'll keep my business with ATT.

On 12/02/13 Peter said:

I will choose AT&T as my provider over verizon

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