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2013 Union Plus Scholarship Winners

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Union Plus Scholarship Program provides more than two decades of higher education support for working families


The Union Plus Scholarship program is an example of the U.S. labor movement's commitment to higher education. Click here and learn more about the scholarship. Since 1992, Union Privilege, through the Union Plus Scholarship program has helped fulfill the educational dreams of students representing more than 13 million working families across the nation.

The Union Plus Scholarship awards are presented annually to union members or members of their families who want to begin or continue their post-secondary education. 

In 2013, some 115 union members and union family members have been awarded $150,000 in scholarships, ranging from $500 to $4,000.

2013 Scholarship Winners


$4,000 Winners
Mona M. Abutouk, AFT
David M. Bologna, AEA
Rosalie K. Daniels, AFT
Denna F. Good-Mojab, AGMA
Evan J. Griffith, AEA
Emma M. Hathaway, AFT and AEA
Jade M. Novarino, UFCW
Rachel A. Pellegrino, IUOE and AFT
Eric S. Pinashin, SEIU
Ethan Rinchik, CSEA
Joel R. Schneider, APWU

$3,000 Winners
Ngoc Duong, UFCW
Molly E. Prep, SAG-AFTRA
Henry Qiu, BCTGM
Juan Carlos Urcia-Barea, UFCW
Marci Wood, OPEIU

$2,000 Winners
Hunter H. Coulombe, AFT
Nicole M. Daugherty, SEIU and IBT
Bailey G. Falk, UFCW
Emily M. Krupa, IBEW
Marthalyn L. Lamb, AFGE
Carly C. McClain, SEIU
Nicolas E. O'Connor, AFT
Neil V. Patel, AFSCME
Caeli Quiter, SEIU
Kelly Vitzthum, SAG-AFTRA

$1,000 Winners
Tavin B. Boynton, SEIU
Devin R. Carr, OPCMIA
Corinne Demler, IAM
Kathleen A. Fox, UA
Lucas A. Freshman, UAW
Jake A. Gallagher, IAFF
Hannah R. Garner, SAG-AFTRA
Samantha Glass, AFSCME
Johanna R. Greenspan-Johnston, AFT
Margaret Halinski, AFM
Gregory A. Hamilton, BMWED
Jefferson F. Hancock, AFT
Amanda K. Hare, BLET
Jessica L. Hatch, IATSE
Jenna E. Hawkins, USW
Cameron J. Hein, IAFF
Nicole J. Katchur, IAM
Ellysa Lamperti, IUOE
Dylan T. Leone, NALC
Kelly A. Marcelo, LIUNA
Joseph M. Melby, CWA
Electra Nassis, IBEW
Anna L. North, AFT
Haylee K. Nugent, AFT
Rupal S. Parikh, CWA
Bansari Patel, IUOE
Kyler Perry, LIUNA
Lilian M. Phan, UAW
Kurtis A. Quillin, AFGE
Matthew J. Rojas, SEIU
Dillon J. Ross, BAC
Joseph P. Russo, SMART
Erin K. Salz, UAW
Sarah D. Schnoor, NATCA
Mia Shackelford, CWA and SEIU
Allison Smith, AFT
Mitchell Sullivan, IUEC
Bailey L. Urbanek, USW
Avery E. Wagner, UAW
Kelsey A. West, AFSCME
Aaryn Wilson, IBEW
Oscar C. Wong, NALC
Erin S. Wroblewski, AFT

$750 Winners
Jacqueline H. Agranat, NNU
Alissa M. Alberico, LIUNA
Danielle Antonellis, CWA
Denise M. Apuzzo, CSEA
Amanda N. Bozin, IBEW
Nathan A. Buendia, APWU
Cory M. Caincross, UAW
Courtney J. Doan, IUOE
Brianna C. Dombo, NALC
Emily A. Finkel, IBEW
Ethan T. Fitzwilliam, IUOE
Amanda Foun, APWU
Justin M. Garcia, IBEW
Jeffrey B. Gootee, UAW
Nathaniel Keegan, AFSCME
Haley R. Martineau, IAFF
Savannah M. Page, CWA
Nikhil V. Patel, AFSCME
Rachel Whynott, IUOE
Tanesha S. Windom, UAW

$500 Winners
Kaitlee A. Benedetto, CSEA/AFSCME and AFT
Tyler J. Carter, IAFF
Cade C. Gamble, BLET
Patrick J. Gleason, IAFF
Andrew P. Gonzales, IUOE
Tyler B. Griffin, USW
Samantha J. Hanes, UAW
Richard S. Hauser, IAFF
Brittany M. Jackson, AFSCME
Amy J. Johnson, UA
Harrison Le, APWU
Autumn M. Linsmeier, LIUNA
Bridget D. McClain, UMWA
Anshirley K. Merricks, UAW
Tayler M. Miller, IUOE
Veronica Miller, CWA
Kyle A. Miller, CSEA
Connor J. Page, IUEC
Brooke M. Panfil, AFT
Casie J. Phillips, AFGE
MaKayla M. Pullen, USW
Michael J. Sekerak, CSEA
Robert J. Sekerak, CSEA
Stephanie Serrano, NPMHU
Miranda K. Wilson, AFSCME
Tory W. Zinsmeister, AFSCME

Challenging Process


The students selected for awards represent a wide sampling of demographics, union affiliations, goals and accomplishments. Representatives from the American Association of Community Colleges, the American Association of State Colleges and Universities, the National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities, and the United Negro College Fund judged the applications.

According to the judges, the caliber of students this year made the selection process very challenging. The students are from diverse backgrounds, and as a whole, they received top SAT scores, were well-rounded in their studies and extracurricular activities, and they understood the value of working families and union membership.

How the Scholarship Program Works


In addition to demonstrated academic ability, applicants submitted essays of no more than 500 words describing their career goals, detailing their relationship with the labor movement, and explaining why they are deserving of a union scholarship.

The program is open to union members, their spouses and dependent children of unions that are participating in any Union Plus program. Individuals must be accepted into an accredited college or university, community college or recognized technical or trade school at the time the award is issued. Members do not have to purchase any Union Plus program product or participate in any Union Plus program to apply.

The Union Plus Scholarship Program is offered through the Union Plus Education Foundation.



For information about obtaining the Union Plus Scholarship application, click here. Each year, the application deadline is January 31 and chosen scholarship recipients' names are announced May 31. Due to the high volume of applications, only winners receive notification.

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