Debt Management

Get free assistance from experts to help eliminate your debt

Reliable Consumer Credit Advice for Union Members

Benefit Description
  • Free budgeting advice from certified consumer credit counseling advisers who help you create a successful program to help eliminate debt.
  • For union members who require additional assistance in eliminating debt, you can receive an enrollment fee waiver for the Debt Management Plan (DMP) available through Union Plus Credit Counseling.
  • Plus, union members can receive a grant to reimburse the monthly DMP fees after 12 months of successful participation in the DMP.
  • These grants are only available as long as funds last. 
  • You must be a union member or union retiree.
  • For the Debt Management Plan (DMP) grants, you must enroll after January 26, 2009 in the Union Plus Credit Counseling DMP through our program provider, Money Management International (MMI) by calling 877-833-1745 (available 24/7) or completing the online enrollment form on the MMI site.  
  • To receive the grant, you must be successfully enrolled in the DMP for 12 months. 
How to Apply
  • First, you must enroll in the Debt Management Plan (DMP) after January 26, 2009 at Money Management International (MMI) by calling 877-833-1745 (available 24/7) or completing the online enrollment form on the MMI site.  
  • After enrolling in the DMP, you will receive a welcome letter from MMI, the non-profit credit counseling program provider. The letter will include your MMI Client ID.
  • After receiving your welcome letter, you must complete the online application form, and download and complete the Union Member Verification Form. Mail the Union Member Verification Form to the address below.
  • After 12 months of participation in the DMP, MMI will send you a Certificate of Participation validating your participation in the plan. The certificate will indicate the total amount of monthly fees for which you will be reimbursed.  One year of your DMP fees will be reimbursed after completing 12 months in the plan.
  • Mail the Certificate of Participation and Union Member Verification Form to:
    • Union Plus DMP Grants
      1100 First Street NE, Suite 850
      Washington, DC 20002
  • Once the certificate is received and you're approved for the grant, a check will be mailed directly to you. You can expect to receive your check within 6-8 weeks after we receive your certificate.

Union Plus Credit Counseling Debt Management Program is administered through the non-profit, Money Management International (MMI).