Mortgage Assistance

If you've had a Union Plus home mortgage for a year or more -- you're protected

The Union Plus Mortgage Assistance Program

Are you concerned about missing a house payment because you're disabled, laid off, locked out or on strike?

If you've had a Union Plus home mortgage for a year or more, you're protected with our unique mortgage assistance program administered through the AFL-CIO Mutual Benefit Plan. Read the Plan's Eligibility and Benefits.

Union Plus Mortgage Assistance provides interest-free loans and grants to help make mortgage payments when you're disabled, unemployed, locked out or on strike.  If you qualify for the Mortgage Assistance loan benefit, you’ll also receive a one-time grant of $1,000 paid directly to you. The program has provided over $11.2 million in assistance to union members.

  • You must have a Union Plus mortgage for at least one (1) year.
  • You or your eligible cosigner are out of work due to a union-approved strike, lockout, involuntary unemployment, or disability;
  • Your income or the eligible cosigner's income is reduced by an amount equal to at least 50% of the monthly mortgage payment;
  • The income loss occurred within one (1) year of your application.

Documentation verifying your union membership, out-of-work status and related income loss is required at the time you apply for benefits.

Apply for Mortgage Assistance

You'll Need:

  1. A working printer to print out forms after you've completed the application.

  2. An email address, so we can contact you about your application

  3. Your most recent Union Plus mortgage statement must be included with your printed application
  4. The name of your union and the local number
  5. Your monthly gross (before-tax) income when you're working a full-time schedule
  6. Your monthly gross (before-tax) unemployment or disability benefits (sickness  & accident, worker's compensation, etc.)
  7. The last day you worked

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Mortgage Assistance Now

*If you're unable to apply online and need an application mailed to you, please call 800-472-2005 to request one by mail. To expedite your request please be sure to leave a detailed message, including your full name, full mailing address and phone number. Please slowly and clearly spell out your name, your street and city names.