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Consumer Credit and Budget Counseling

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Credit Counseling

The Union Plus Consumer Credit Counseling Service Difference:

  • Free budget analysis session for union members: Request a session online or call experienced credit counselors 24/7 at 1-877-833-1745.
  • Debt management plans (DMPs) with no set-up fee & reimbursement of all first year DMP fees after successfully completing 12 months of the plan (union members only).
  • Bankruptcy service fee waived.  Call 1-866-279-7197 - use code BUP 99999
  • Program provided through non-profit Money Management International (MMI), an accredited credit counseling program

Get a free no-obligation money & credit assessment

  1. Call 1-877-833-1745 - available 24/7.
  2. Credit counseling services are available at branch locations in some areas.  Call 1-877-833-1745 to ask if it's possible to set up an in-person meeting at a branch office. Complete the confidential credit counseling request form online on the special MMI site for union members 


Reliable consumer credit counseling advice & discounts for union members

Certified, experienced consumer credit counseling advisors listen to you and your needs, then help you develop a plan of action for debt repayment that you can follow to help eliminate your debt. Labor union families can turn to Union Plus Credit Counseling through the non-profit Money Management International (MMI).

No confusing gimmicks or overwhelming options. Just sound advice that'll help you stop collection agencies from controlling your financial life.

Budget analysis & credit counseling

You can get a FREE consumer credit counseling session, budget analysis and money management advice to get back on the road to financial recovery. Complete a confidential request for consumer credit counseling online or call 1-877-833-1745 - available 24/7.

Your free session covers:

  • Complete financial review, budget analysis and credit management counseling
  • Assistance in budgeting or advice on sources of additional income
  • Advice on how to work with creditors
  • A written Action Plan that summarizes your financial situation, provides a budget and timeline for reaching your debt management and repayment goals, and restates action items
  • Referral to a social service organization in your area, if appropriate
  • Referral to Union Plus Legal Service or Union Plus Mortgage Assistance program, if appropriate



Debt management plan (DMP)

After the initial credit counseling session, if you need additional assistance to eliminate debt, your counselor will develop a customized debt management plan (DMP) for you. With the Union Plus grant, you don't need to pay any of the DMP set-up fees. Union members who complete one year on a DMP are also eligible to apply for reimbursement of the monthly fees.

In short, a DMP allows you to make one simple monthly payment to MMI, and authorizes MMI to pay each of your creditors on your behalf based on the debt repayment plan terms negotiated with them.

MMI also works with creditors to stop collection, waive or reduce interest charges, and eliminate finance charge or late fees, wherever possible.


Pre-filing bankruptcy counseling and pre-discharge education as required under the new bankruptcy code are also now available. 

To waive the bankruptcy service fee, call the special Union Plus Credit Counseling line at 1-866-279-7197 (use code - BUP 99999) for bankruptcy counseling.

Learn more about MMI's bankruptcy counseling here and bankruptcy education here.

Save My Home Hotline

The dedicated Save My Home Hotline at 1-866-490-5361 is available for labor union members to reach HUD-certified counselors to discuss issues surrounding home mortgage payment difficulties. If you're falling behind on payments or expect to fall behind soon (e.g. because of an ARM adjustment), it's much better to act now and call to figure out options.

Trusted provider

The Union Plus Credit Counseling provider, Money Management International (MMI), was carefully chosen to protect the interests of union members. All interaction and transactions through this program are strictly confidential.

For over 46 years, MMI and its family of Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) agencies have helped consumers nationwide by providing high quality, comprehensive credit counseling, education and debt management assistance. MMI is a member of the National Foundation for Credit Counseling (NFCC) and the Association of Independent Consumer Credit Counseling agencies (AICCCA). MMI is the nation's largest full service, non-profit credit counseling agency and currently assists nearly 100,000 clients repay their debts.

Under revised laws, consumers filing for bankruptcy must have mandatory counseling before they can file. Consumers also must participate in a financial education program before the bankruptcy can be discharged. The Union Plus program is accredited to provide both services.

MMI is constantly growing and currently has nearly 120 local offices throughout the country. Check for a consumer credit counseling office near you.



Consumer credit counseling is currently available in the United States, but not available in Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands, and Canada.

Who is eligible?

  • Dues-paying labor union members of participating unions
  • Retired labor union members
  • Spouse, domestic partners, and children (age 18+) may be included. (Not eligible for monthly DMP fee rebate but will get the reduced set up fee.)
  • Widows/widowers of union members
  • Union Plus credit cardholders

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