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Union Plus Motor Club - 24 Hour Emergency Roadside Assistance for Union Families

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Motor Club

$40 in Gas Rebates

When you sign up
for initial one year of service


Enroll Online

The Union Plus Motor Club Difference:

  • Union Plus Motor Club is less expensive than AAA* - so labor union members enjoy low yearly membership fees
  • One price covers you and your entire household. $69 a year or $6.90 a month.
  • Receive $40 in gas rebate vouchers when signing up for initial one year of service.
  • Sign up with your Union Plus Credit Card and get:
  • First month for only $1.00
    Traffic Court Defense Reimbursement Benefit*** up to $100 for defense costs associated with traffic ticketss.

  • You are covered in almost any auto or light duty truck you own, rent or lease.**
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed or receive your unused membership fee.
  • To enroll or learn more, call 1-800-454-8722 or sign up online.
*Based on pricing from the Mid-Atlantic AAA Club in February 2014.


**Automobiles and light duty trucks only.
*** There is a limit of two uses per year, per membership.  This benefit is not available in Alabama.


You are protected with these roadside assistance services

The Union Plus Motor Club membership will be there for you for all your roadside assistance needs, including:

  • 24-hour Roadside Assistance - Up to $125 per incident, 3 times a year.
  • $69.99 Flat Rate Pay-As-You-Go service - available if you exceed your 3 allowable calls in any 12 month period.
  • Emergency Towing to your home, a dealership, or your mechanic.
  • Battery Boost to jump-start your battery.
  • Flat Tire Change to remove your flat and install your inflated spare.
  • Lockout Service to get you back inside your vehicle.
  • Fuel Delivery up to 2 gallons if you run out of gas.

You'll benefit from emergency roadside assistance plans featuring nationwide 24-7 service with an extensive network of reputable auto service and emergency towing service providers.

  • All motor club customer service calls are handled in North America.
  • Coverage for drivers no matter what vehicle they are driving.
  • Expert Opinion provides you with a second opinion on service or repair estimates from ASE-certified mechanics.

Administered by Drive America, labor union members save with the Union Plus Motor Club membership.

Enroll Today

"I've been a member for almost a year, and though I've only had to call for service twice, both times...service was delivered SO MUCH faster & the entire process from start to finish was so much easier compared to AAA. A GREAT VALUE for the price!! " -- David

Online: Sign up on the Drive America site

Phone: Call 1-800-454-8722.

Motor club features

  • Emergency roadside assistance and locksmith services up to $125 per service call. 3 auto service calls per year for you and your family.
  • $40 rebate towards gas purchases when paying for a yearly membership.
  • Roadside assistance plans cover you whether you are the driver or a passenger in any auto or light duty truck.
  • If you have exceeded your allowable Covered claim amount in any 12 month period, additional Pay-As-You-Go services are available at a cost of $69.99 per incident. The service covers towing (up to 10 miles*, jumpstarts, tire changes, lockouts, and fuel delivery. You must pay for each service with a valid credit card at the time service is dispatched.
  • 27,000 independent, dependable auto repair and car towing service providers across the United States to ensure 24-hour emergency roadside assistance.
  • All calls answered in the United States of America.
  • Free maps, road atlases, trip routing, travel assistance, towing services, locksmith services, mobile repair services.
  • ASE certified mechanics available for second opinions on auto repairs and services.

*If the towing distance is above 10 miles, an additional fee will be charged. You will be informed about the cost prior to dispatch.

Car travel tips

How to use the
motor club

What happens if I need 24 hour emergency roadside assistance services?

  • Call the dedicated 24/7 toll-free number.
  • You will be greeted by an agent who will ask if you are in a safe roadside location; if you are not in a safe location, law enforcement will be contacted and roadside security assistance requested.
  • The agent will verify your emergency roadside assistance plan coverage, determine your auto repair service needs, and explain when service should arrive (approximately 45 minutes in most cases.)
  • The motor club agent will remind you that this is a "sign and drive" roadside assistance service up to $125; basically you will have no out-of-pocket costs for any service under $125.
  • You will receive an automatic call back to insure that the emergency roadside assistance service has arrived.


What is the Credit Card Lost/Stolen Notification Service?

With this valuable benefit, if your card is lost or stolen, one fast toll-free call assures rush notification to all of your credit card companies alerting them to your loss and allowing them to cancel your missing cards.  To receive this service, simply call toll-free and we will verify pertinent information allowing us to access your credit card information.  This benefit is available 24-hours a day!

When is my membership effective?

The membership becomes effective date on the date of purchase.

Does my membership cover me in any car?

As a motor club member you are provided roadside assistance in almost any automobile or light duty truck you may be driving or riding in. You are covered in any non-commercial, private passenger automobile or light duty truck you own, rent, or lease or ride in-excluding RVs, motorcycles, motor homes, duallies, trailers, or trucks over one-ton capacity.

Do I get membership cards? Do my dependents get membership cards?

Your membership kit includes (3) personalized membership cards.  Additional cards can be requested  by calling the toll-free number on the card.

How can I obtain a handbook?

When you enroll a membership kit containing information about your benefits and how to access service will be mailed to you in 7-14 days.  A copy of the benefits with terms and conditions can be accessed online through the members' section of our Web site.

Can married children or grandchildren be included as additional members?

A family membership includes member, spouse, and all other licensed drivers in the immediate family, including children up to the age of 21, living at the member's address. Older children who are enrolled in school and grandchildren may also be covered, if they are dependents of the member and  member's address is their primary place of residence.

Is there a toll-free number that I can call for service?

Yes. Your membership card has an exclusive toll-free number for Union Plus Motor Club.  Keep it in your wallet for safe-keeping and easy access when you need it.

Is there any out of pocket expense or deductible?

No. There are no out of pocket expenses up to your benefit limit of $125.

What if I am not in the U.S.?

Service is available anywhere in the U.S. or Canada, whether you are near home or traveling.  Simply call the toll-free number on your membership card for service.  If for some reason you cannot reach Union Plus Motor Club or are traveling outside our coverage area, you can obtain service through a provider of your choice and submit the receipt(s) for reimbursement up to your $125 benefit limit.

Do I have to fill out a claim form to be reimbursed?

For Roadside Assistance Service reimbursement, no claim form is necessary. Just mail the original receipt, from a licensed service provider, showing the following information:

   1. Name and address of provider

   2. Date of service

   3. Description of service provided

   4. Amount paid for service

   5. Name and address of member and/or membership number

Will Union Plus Motor Club reimburse me if I do not or cannot use their dispatch service ?

Yes.  If for any reason you are unable to contact Union Plus Motor Club for service, or if on rare occasion they are unable to assist you, you can submit your paid receipt for reimbursement up to $125 for any eligible service covered under your membership.  

Will Drive America reimburse me for a battery boost or delivery and installation of a battery at the disablement site?

Yes, however, Drive America will not reimburse you for the cost of the battery.

Do you sell your list of members?

Union Plus Motor Club respects the privacy of our members. We do not sell, rent, lease or license a list of our members or any nonpublic personal information that they have provided.

Can my membership be cancelled by the motor club?

Yes.  The motor club membership is intended to provide coverage for emergency roadside service only and  is not intended to replace standard automobile or light duty truck maintenance or to be used for commercial purpose.  The motor club may, at its discretion, cancel a membership for abuse of the membership terms and conditions by sending written notice to the member's last known address as permitted by state law.


The Union Plus Motor Club is not available in Guam, Puerto Rico, Virgin Islands, or Canada.

Who is eligible?

  • Dues-paying labor union members of participating unions
  • Retired labor union members
  • Spouse, domestic partners, and children may be
  • Widows/widowers of union members
  • Union Plus credit cardholders

Customer Service

  • Call the dedicated 24/7 toll-free emergency roadside assistance number for Union Plus Motor Club at 1-866-437-9274.  All calls answered in the United States.

  • If you are a motor club member, you can register and sign in to the Drive America Web site here.
  • Drive America's customer service: Union Plus Motor Club members may call 1-800-454-8722 from 7 am to 6 pm CST, Monday-Friday
  • Or send general comments or questions to Drive America via email:

We realize that sometimes you may need help with a concern about using a Union Plus program. The Union Plus Member Advocacy Program, staffed by OPEIU Local 2 members, is here to help you resolve any problems. Contact us at 1-800-472-2005 (8:30 a.m. - 4:30 p.m. ET, weekdays) or online at

The Union Plus Credit Card is issued by Capital One, N.A. pursuant to a license by MasterCard International Incorporated.

Member Comments

On 07/26/16 anonymous said:

good benefit

On 07/05/16 anonymous said:

Fast, courteous service to get my car towed. the towing charge was covered by membership.

On 05/10/16 michelle said:

cheaper than AAA, with the added benefit of being union run and operated.

On 03/10/16 Christine said:

Great service at a great price

On 03/09/16 Robert said:

Cheaper than AAA. Good deal!

On 03/03/16 anonymous said:


On 12/11/15 michelle said:

great service. there when i needed it!

On 10/04/15 Richard said:

Looking to add roadside assistance and felt this answered all my major questions and concerns!

On 09/09/15 stuart said:

great service

On 07/30/15 said:

Great value!

On 05/26/15 anonymous said:

Travelled to Ohio and have to have car towed - overheating - great service!

On 04/25/15 albert said:

the benefits are extra-ordinary and first class compared to other motor expenses etc.

On 01/17/15 GLORIA said:

Your benefit are cost effective vs AAA.

On 04/28/14 Carla said:

My daughter locked her one and only key in her car, at 10 in the evening. They arrived in a little over and an hour. Great service!

On 12/30/13 MATTHEW said:

Truly reliable!

On 11/20/13 Stephen said:

GREAT customer service! These folks have helped me out of a couple of pickles! Get it!

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