The Union Plus Team of Professionals

Meet the Union Plus Team

Union Plus staff are dedicated to serving union families. Staff are members of the Office of Professional Employees International Union (OPEIU) Local 2.

We take pride in our staff longevity — nearly half of Union Plus employees have been with the organization for 10 years or more. A quarter of our staff have been with Union Plus and Union Privilege for 20+ years serving union members.UPStaff.jpg




Mitch Stevens


Lance D. Curry
Director, Administration

Amy Cybyske
Vice President, Program Management

Stephen Goldsmith

Beth Shannon
Director, Union Services 

Eleanor Trice
Vice President, Marketing 

Andrew Weltman
Vice President, Strategic Products and Associate General Counsel 


Terri Bernard
Customer Service Specialist

Awet Sellers
Executive Assistant to the President

Miguel Taylor
Fulfillment Clerk

Union Services

Keith Anderko
Union Services, Representative

Valerie Cole
Union Services, Coordinator

Brea Ellis
Union Service, Representative


Freda McDonald
Desktop Publishing Specialist

Denise Reiffenstein
Production Manager

Program Management

Steve Bellamy
Program Manager

Tom Chiancone
Program Manager

Keith Ervin
Program Manager

Shana Higgins
Administrative Assistant

Andrew McGehee
Deputy Program Management Director


M. Elder
Deputy Director of Digital

Yvette Floyd
Senior Project Manager

Katrina Lowe
Digital Marketing Manager

Christelle Nesmith
Senior Project Manager

Betty Tam
Marketing Data Analyst

Leslie Williamson
Project Manager


Carl Calabro
Customer Service Manager

Vonette Rollins
Accounting Manager

Jeannette Rubio
Fulfillment & CRM Coordinator