Union Plus

Strike Grant for Credit Cardholders

Union Plus Hardship Assistance

Strike Grant for Credit Cardholders

Benefit Description

$300 payment to Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholders who've been on union-sanctioned strike or lockout and meet the requirements below.

  1. You must be a Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholder in good standing on the date the strike or lockout began.
  2. The strike or lockout must have occurred at least three months after you became a Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholder for at least three  consecutive months.
  3. You must complete the required application and demonstrate that you, the joint-owner, or authorized user of your Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card account have been unemployed due to a union-sanctioned strike or lockout for a minimum of 30 consecutive days within the 12 month period prior to the date that you submit an application for a Strike Grant — and that the strike loss occurred at least three months after you became a Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card cardholder.
  4. You must provide documentation of the date the unemployment commenced due to a union-sanctioned strike or lockout, and proof that the duration of the strike or lockout was at least 30 consecutive days.
  5. You may only receive one Strike Grant for any one Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card account. If you have multiple Union Plus Credit Card or Teamster Privilege Credit Card accounts, you can only receive one Strike Grant for any unique union-sanctioned strike or lockout.
How to Apply
  1. Collect and copy the required documentation:
    • Letter from your local union acknowledging a union-sanctioned strike or a lockout lasting 30 days or more within the last 12 months.
  2. Complete the online application form (you'll be prompted to create an account, or login to an existing account prior to completing the application).
  3. Print your confirmation email and sign anywhere on the page that includes your application information.
  4. We encourage you to email in your application and documents if you are able to at grants@unionplus.org or you may also fax them to our secure fax line at 866-481-5568.

    However, if you are unable to use either of those means of getting your application to us, please mail all required documentation to:

    Union Plus Strike Grant
    1100 First St. NE, Suite 850
    Washington, DC 20002
    Please note: Due to the current staffing conditions caused by the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, applications mailed to our office may see a significant delay in processing time. For this reason, we strongly encourage the digital submission of paperwork.
  • Please allow 6-8 weeks for application processing. You will be notified by mail when your application has been approved or denied.
  • If approved for the grant, payment will be made by check and mailed directly to you.

Mailing Instructions: 

  • Please do not send originals. Documents will not be returned to you.
  • All documents should be copied onto 8.5" x 11" paper.
  • Only copy/print one side of paper.
  • Please do not use staples or fasteners. 

Please note: Failure to comply with these instructions will result in significantly delayed processing time.

Grants may be considered taxable income by the Internal Revenue Service. Therefore, a Form 1099-MISC tax reporting form, which will require your Social Security number, will be issued to each recipient of grants valued at $600 or more. If the required documentation you submitted does not contain this information, we will contact you to complete a W-9 form. Please keep an eye on your email inbox for this important request.


Please visit our Union Plus Grants FAQ. Please send additional questions to grants@unionplus.org.

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These hardship assistance grants are provided and administered through the AFL-CIO Mutual Benefit Plan (“The Plan”).  Certain administrative responsibilities for the Plan have been delegated to Union Privilege. Union Privilege is the non-profit organization established to create and oversee member benefit programs for working families. Grants may not be offered in every state. Coverage may be underwritten and managed by companies that are not affiliated with Mastercard or Capital One, N.A.

The Union Plus Credit Cards and Teamster Privilege Credit Cards are issued by Capital One, N.A. pursuant to a license from Mastercard International Incorporated. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated.