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Six Top Ways to Promote the Benefits
  1. Order free materials
  2. Post online
  3. Use the Digital Communications Calendar
  4. Send emails
  5. Place ads & articles
  6. Use benefits in organizing
Top Benefits to Promote

Six Top Ways to Promote the Benefits


1. Order Free Materials

Distribute materials to union members — including brochures, coupons and more.

Order coupons, brochures, flyers and more to distribute to union members:

  • Post these materials on bulletin boards at worksites, in lunch rooms, union halls and more
  • Include these materials in new member welcome kits
  • Distribute at meetings, in mailings or employee mailboxes


Email us or call toll free at 800-472-2005. Call 202-293-5330 if you're in the Washington, DC area.

Order Free Materials Now

2. Post Online

Whether on your union website or your union social media profile, make sure your members can easily find benefits information in one click. 

What's the most popular section of most union websites? Benefits information!

Make sure your members can find benefits information in one click from your home page:

Check out other content at:

3. Use the Communications Calendar 

Spread the word about Union Plus benefits with the Digital Communications Calendar! This package contains promotional materials to use on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter, and email language to post in your union newsletter. Released on a quarterly basis, this package provides union leaders with an easy way to promote valuable benefits to members.

4. Send Emails

Send emails to your members that include a benefits spotlight with these sample templates, along with various banners and/or images to include with your emails.

What to Include in the Email

5. Place Ads & Articles

Search our full library of press-ready ads, articles and web banners. Promoting your union's Union Plus benefits effectively is easy with these ready-to-use materials.

Union Plus web banners

  • Place a Union Plus web banner on your union's home page

How to Place an Ad

View featured programs or search full library of press-ready print ads.

Sample Ads

6. Use Benefits in Organizing

Union Plus can be the icing on the cake for successful organizing drives.

Top Benefits to Promote

Credit Cards
  • Union Plus Credit Cards from Capital One® are designed to meet the needs of hard-working union members and their families.
  • Choose from three card options, all with competitive rates, U.S.-based phone customer service, and more.



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  • The Union Plus® Mortgage Program can help you purchase a home while also receiving special benefits by virtue of your union membership.

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Auto Insurance
  • Auto insurance premiums can take a bite out of the family budget, but now labor union members can compare auto insurance rates and save on car insurance with the Union Plus Auto Insurance Program.

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For any questions or customization needs, do not hesitate to contact the Union Plus Leader Line at 800-472-2005, or 202-293-5330 in the Washington, DC area.