Union Plus
AT&T Wireless

Discounts for union staff and local offices

Save big with wireless benefits that work as hard as you.

Support the only nationwide unionized wireless carrier and save with exclusive benefits for union staff and local offices with the AT&T Signature Program.

Savings for Union Employees

Union staff – i.e., those employed by an international or local union, can save 18% on qualified AT&T wireless service plans, savings of which are accessible every month.

To sign up, visit an AT&T store (along with proof that you are a union employee, like a pay stub or business card) and reference AT&T Discount Code: 45842.

Savings for Local Offices

Local offices also have access to special savings – with a 22% discount on qualified wireless monthly service charges through an AFL-CIO negotiated discount. Additionally, AT&T also offers discounts on a wide range of other telecommunication services — from teleconferencing to internet service and more — that can help your union work smarter and save money.

To sign up, contact Union Plus by email at att@unionplus.org or call 800-472-2005, ext. 888.

Make sure you’re saving all you can with the AT&T Signature Program for union staff and local offices. If you’re using a non-union wireless carrier, choose to show your union pride by making the switch to AT&T.

Available only to qualified employees of AFL-CIO member unions. Requires valid proof of employment such as a pay stub or business card. Qualified individual must subscribe to service under an account for which the member is personally liable. Discount applies only to the monthly service charge of qualified voice and data plans and is not available with unlimited voice plans. Additional terms, conditions, and restrictions apply. If you have a question about available service discount and/or your eligibility, visit a store or contact AT&T for offer details.