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Union-made cars & trucks

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List of Union-Made Vehicles

Union members who purchase new, union-made cars through the Union Plus Auto Buying Service will receive a $100 rebate 6-8 weeks after purchase.

You could also receive an additional $100 if you purchase a qualifying new, union-made EPA-approved vehicle.

How do you receive your rebates?

  • For the new union-made and the new union-made EPA vehicle rebates: simply use the Union Plus Auto Buying Service through TrueCar to make your new union-made and green vehicle purchase and Union Plus will be automatically notified and we'll mail you a check.

Check here for a list of union-made vehicles from UAW.

What are some of the best-selling union-made vehicles?  The Ford F-150, Chevy Silverado and the Ford Escape.


UAW Members Make More than Vehicles

Across the land, United Auto Worker (UAW) members build cars, vans and trucks. But did you know that in a factory in Michigan, UAW members also build houses? Or that in a plant in New York, UAW members prepare and package sugar. Or that in Tennessee, UAW members build lawn mowers. Or that in Ontario, UAW members make golf clubs.

All union members should look over this guide to UAW consumer products before we shop.

Every time we buy a UAW-made product, we help preserve the jobs of our brothers and sisters.

Let's proudly proclaim that we buy what we make because when we do, we create a better tomorrow.

Member Comments

On 08/09/16 anonymous said:

Great resource for Union Members

On 08/06/16 Glen said:

Great resource for union members! Saved a bunch, but do your homework and make sure you have all discount pricing and eligible rebates available so when you arrive at the dealer they can't short change you. Also dont let them jack up the document fee to several hundered dollars, its only $75. Get your true car base price w options, add your tax then add a $75 doc fee and then subtract all cash and credit bonus rebates/incentives.

On 01/29/14 gail said:

Using their services made the entire deal so much faster and easier. They called me and I did everything over the phone. The final price I actually paid for my vehicle was $900 less than TrueCar. I just went into the dealer, signed my papers, got my car and left. Fastest and easiest car purchase ever! I also used it last year to buy a used Hertz car and got an additional $250 off thanks to this service.

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