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Union-Made Halloween Treats

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Union-Made CandyWhen those little ghosts and goblins come collecting on Halloween, make sure you have a full supply of union-made-in-America treats for them like Jelly Belly's candy corn. Here's a brief list of choices of candy products made by members of the Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers and Grain Millers International Union (BCTGM); snack foods by members of the United Food and Commercial Workers (UFCW); or fruit and nuts from members of the United Farm Workers of America (UFW).

Hershey Products* Necco (New England Confectionery Company)
Hershey Kisses Sweethearts
Hershey Syrups Mary Jane Peanut Butter Chews
Hershey Milk Chocolate Bar NECCO Wafers/Necco Wafer Smoothies
Hershey Milk with Almond Bars Sky Bar
Hershey Special Dark Bars Clark Bar
Hershey Nuggets Canada Mints
Rolo Candy Cupboard
Hershey Kissables   Thin Mints
Kit Kat Bars NECCO Assorted Junior Wafers
Carmello Bar Clark Junior Laydown Bag
Cadbury Fruit & Nut Bar Mary Jane Laydown Bag
Cadbury Roast Almond Bar Haviland
Cadbury Royal Dark Bar Mallow Cups  
Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar Necco Peanut Butter Kisses
Jolly Ranchers  
Hershey Symphony Bar with Toffee Ghiradelli Chocolates
  All filled & non filled squares
Just Born All filled & non filled bars

Non pariels

Mike & Ike Chocolate chips
Hot Tamales  
Peanut Chews Gimbals Fine Candies
Jelly Beans   JellyBeans
  Cherry Hearts
Jelly Belly's Candy Company
Scotty Dogs
Jelly Bellies - also made in a non-union plants in Chicago/Taiwan Sour Lovers
Chocolate Dutch Mints LavaBalls
Chocolate Temptations  
Dimples Nestle
Goelitz Confections Nestle Treasures
Goelitz Gummi Laffy Taffy
Pet Rat Kathryn Beich specialty candy
Pet Tarantula Baby Ruth*
Sweet Temptations Butterfinger*
Candy Corn Pearson's Nips
Licorice Famous Old Time Candies (gourmet chocolates)
Malted Milk Balls Nestle Crunch  Butterfinger Crisp
Chocolate Coated Nuts, and Sours  
Sunkist Fruit Gel Slices Pearson's Candy Co.
Sport Beans Salted Nut Roll
  Nut Goodie
American Licorice** Mint Patties
Black & Red Vines Bun Bars
Strawberry Ropes  
  Anabelles Candy Company
Sconza Candies Rocky Road - Smores
Jawbreakers Look
Chocolate Covered Cherries Big Hunk
Chocolate Abba-Zaba - Peanut Butter/Raspberry
Boston Baked Beans Yogurt Nuts & Fruit
Jordon Almonds  
Yogurt Raisens Bachman
Lemoncello Almonds Pretzels
Chocolate/Yogurt Fruit & Raisens Jax Cheese Curls
  Keystone Snacks Party Mix
Frito-Lay* Cheese Curls
Doritos Corn Chips
Rold Gold  
Lays Potato Chips Orville Redenbacher
Corn Nuts See's Candies
Chips Ahoy! Chocolate Assortment
Oreos Nuts & Chews
Nutter Butter Truffles
Vanilla Wafers Lollypops
  Fund Raisers
Keebler Brittles & Toffees
Chips Deluxe Candy Bars
Pecan Sandies  
Cheez-it  Guittard Chocolate
Vanilla Wafers  

Fruit & Nuts

Members of the United Farm Workers (UFW) help produce various fruits and nuts with the UFW label, including porducts from: coastal Berry Co., Swanton Berry, Montpelier Almonds, Brown Date Gardent Dates, Mann's California Apples, and cirtus fruit from Sunkist, Sunworld, Airdrome and Big Jim.

*Some products made abroad; check the label for country of origin.

**Also made at non-union plant in Laporte, Indiana

Member Comments

On 10/29/14 anonymous said:


On 10/28/14 anonymous said:

I grew up on the South side of Chicago and more than anything I remember the Tootsie Roll plant on the South side and my love of their product. I hope they are union-made-in-in-America company. If so please include them on your list. I love the new Tootsie Fruit Rolls.

On 10/15/14 anonymous said:

I work at Guittard Chocolate Company, and we are also a union shop; I would appreciate if you would add us to the list

On 10/14/14 Debra said:

I will not purchase any Hershey product because they closed a plant here in California and 600 workers lost their jobs. Not sure if this plant was union, but the principal was the workers weren't given notice. Plus, the plant was moved to Mexico!

On 04/06/14 anonymous said:

What a great resource. It's nice to know when we're supporting union members and how to make the appropriate choices to do so.

On 11/03/13 anonymous said:

I do not see Mars listed. Does anyone know if the company is a union shop?

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