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The Unions Power America Contest

Watch our big contest winner reveal!

The Unions Power America contest was a thank you to America's union members for all the times they went above and beyond to power us through this pandemic.

Did you miss our big Labor Day winner reveal?

Union members are the force of nature that powered America through this pandemic. They showed up and went above and beyond, and we're all better for it. The Unions Power America Contest was our thank you to them.

If you missed our winner reveal, don't worry, grab a tissue and watch it now!

Get inspired by the amazing stories of extraordinary union members PLUS watch with excitement as they find out they've won cash prizes of up to $15,000!

Labor Day was just the beginning

150 more prizes to give away in September

We're just getting started! We'll be giving away 100 $1,000 cash prizes AND 50 $100 rental car gift certificates! Stay tuned to Unionplus.org to see if you’ve won!