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Union-Strong Credit Cards

All 3 Union Plus cards come with powerful benefits. So you can choose the union-backed card that’s right for you.


National Parks

America’s 60 national parks are filled with treasures that often rival those around the world. See why these are the most stunning examples of “Made-in-America.”


When to Enroll in Medicare

Read our blog to understand how and when to enroll in Medicare.

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Union Plus Mortgage

Over the life of the Union Plus mortgage program, more than $11 million in mortgage assistance has been provided to help save union members' homes.


How it works:

The Union Plus Promise


We stand union-strong with the 13+ million union members to negotiate exclusive programs and prices.

Unique Benefits and Savings

If you're a union family, your unique benefits and savings can be accessed today, including discounts on AT&T, travel, entertainment, hardship help grants and scholarships. No Union Plus membership required!

Social Responsibility

Union Plus is a non-profit created by the AFL-CIO thirty years ago. When you use Union Plus benefits, you're supporting the labor movement — ensuring that you and your fellow union members remain union-strong for generations to come!