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We're cheering LOUD for union members

Celebrating LABOR DAY all month long!

Our Unions Power America celebration wasn't just a party, it was a MOMENT. We gathered to cheer on our fellow union members as they were recognized for the kindness and compassion they spread!

Watch and get inspired to keep spreading hope and goodwill in your community! ➡️

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  • More grants allowed per person.

*See individual grants for details.

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Ashley M. Union Member

I’ve gotten great deals recently using Union Plus. Took my family to a water park, got discounted school supplies, and just got back from using a gift certificate at a restaurant.

Bobbi Leigh W. Union Member

With the Union Plus legal services discount, I saved roughly $1,200 on a lawyer when I adopted my daughter last year. That's three years' worth of my tax-deductible union dues!

Keith A. OPEIU Local 2