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Eight Activities To Do With Your Pet This Summer While Social Distancing

Summer is the perfect time to squeeze in some adventure and relaxation. You and your pet don't have to miss out on summer fun because of coronavirus. We have eight socially-distant activities that will keep your pets safe and happy this summer!

Eight Activities To Do With Your Pet This Summer While Social Distancing


Here are eight fun and safe ways you can enjoy this summer with your pet:

  1. Buy a kiddie pool for you dog.
    Let them play in and cool themselves off in it. Always keep an eye on your dog while playing in the kiddie pool — and of course make sure they like the water.
  2. Take your dog (or cat if they like the car) on a scenic drive.
    It’s social distancing while also getting you and your pup out of the house.
  3. Go hiking with your dog.
    Organize a trail hike appropriate for your dog’s fitness level and breed. Be cautious not to go in the heat of the day, and be sure to bring a doggie water receptacle for breaks.
  4. Take your dog camping with you.
    Dogs love being outside and will appreciate the nature getaway. Bonus points for letting them sleep in the tent!
  5. Go to a lake or other safe body of water for an afternoon of swimming. 
    Many breeds love the water, see if your dog is one of them! Consider a canine lifejacket for them if you’re boating with your dog.

  6. Go for a summer bike ride. 
    For small dogs, a bike pull trailer meant for children can be easily converted to accommodate dogs, allowing you to take the littlest members along for leisurely summer bike rides. Be sure your pet is safely harnessed in so that he or she can’t leap out. And always avoid roadways with dogs.

  7. Check out the local dog park. 
    Most cities have some designated parks where dogs are allowed to roam off leash. Always ensure your pet is up-to-date on vaccinations when frequenting high dog-trafficked areas.

  8. Take a scenic car ride with the windows (partially) down. 
    If your dog loves to stick her head out the window, consider getting her "doggles," which are canine goggles designed to protect eyes and shield from the sun as well. 

By getting outdoors and including your furry friend in family outings this summer, you’ll be sure to make lasting memories while also helping your dog to be the best companion possible.

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